If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words-Video is Worth 1000 Pictures


Painting That Proverbial Picture

The little black screen that you carry in your pocket, or your pocket book, is what I am referring to. Your camera-phone. Because, how many words would it take to describe recently discovered damage to your rhododendrons after the alley behind your house was recently renovated. You come home from work and you discover that three of the pickets in your backyard fence are broken near the bottom and two different ones are scraped in the middle about chest height, and there is a rut from a tire passing by crushing said flowers. What do you do? Take a picture. It’s worth 1000 words!

Snap A Quick Pic

I get calls like this all the time with accusations flying about how careless my contractors have been to cause such devastation to the fence or flowerbed. People are mad, rightly so, about the destruction to their property. It’s what I tell people on my day job… I work for a City as a Construction Inspector, and I get lots of calls about damage that my contractors supposedly cause. How can I prove that the damage was already there before the work began? How can the Contractor defend themselves against such accusations? Or the homeowner prove that the damage was indeed, caused by the workers?

Shoot A Short Video

A short video is truly worth a thousand pictures. Video footage has spared my guys many hours of headaches and arguments with lawyers because they had captured images BEFORE they even moved into an area to begin their work. They had hard, definitive proof of preexisting damage, and so were able to confidently step in and begin the process of arguing their case and winning, and thus, begin demolishing and removing the alley or street.

The other side of that coin, a call had come in from a resident about some thievery occurring on the job site behind his home. His surveillance system captured one of the contract employees actually grabbing and lifting a different camera off of one of his fence-posts that was facing the opposite way. Luckily, the owner had interlocking fields of “fire,” where the views of the cameras overlapped each other, and he was able to recover his stolen gear! And the perpetrator got summarily fired later in the week. I don’t know if the homeowner pressed for further legal action against the man. Or the Company. But, if he hadn’t had the cameras set up, he would never have known anything was untoward. Not to mention the long, several thousand word report of many pages describing the incident.

Tell Me What You Think

Video, still pics, or long multi-page report? Which do you prefer? Tell me down in the comments. Or tell me about your construction horror story with damages caused by the contractor and how you got it resolved. Truthfully, I prefer reading your comments over a  report with a few pics in it. I like to exercise my imagination and visualize what I’m reading and making contact with all of you. Video requires technology and power, that sometimes is not available in the field. And it makes you lazy.

Me Final Thoughts

Be diligent in protecting yourself and your property. A good camera and security surveillance system is just one more way to do that. Firearms are another. You have to practice with both. So if you hear me say that I’m going shooting… does that mean to the range or to the studio? I guess I could explain it to you. But, a picture is way better! It’s worth a thousand words!

What are your thoughts?



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