Long Cargo Shorts – A Delightful Approach To Carrying

Long Cargo Shorts – A Delightful Approach To Carrying Concealed

It is an oxymoron. Long shorts.

But it is still easy to carry my pistol concealed. There is nothing more delightful than a good, comfortable pair of shoes. Or a sweet fitting jacket, or a pair of pants that are just right. I prefer the sun protection of long sleeves and long pants no matter how hot it may be in August. But long khaki cargo shorts aren’t too bad either. And when I put on my tube socks, fuggetaboutit!

The combination of sun protection and freedom of movement is combined with, oh wait. My wife just said, “No, really. Forget about the tube socks.” While she points to my handsome, manly and hairy legs. Yes, little hairs are poking through the socks. I don’t think she appreciates my good taste in casual wear.

And nobody knows that I have a gun on me, either. The pockets are deep and my shirt is loose and comfortable, and it’s easy to drive in too.

Do you Carry When You Drive

Of course, you carry when you drive because your tool is on your person and becomes a part of you, just like your vehicle is an extension of your home. I’ve never even thought about putting a small gun safe in my Jeep until recently. What about you? Do you have one in yours? Have you ever thought about it? Where would the car maker hide a gun vault? In the trunk or passenger compartment? Engine compartment? Could that even be done? Either way, I will end up having a secure place to hide my other hardware inside my fancy chariot!

Personal Protection Products We Find Useful

I carry, well I say carry, but I mean, keep locked in my vehicle – a personal first aid kit along with some water and some camping food. A change of socks and a good comfortable pair of boots. A boonie hat is useful because it keeps the sun off of your neck and ears. A small amount of extra ammo is also reassuring along with small fire starting tools. Don’t forget those little fire starter logs that they make for camping and all the stuff for making a quick shelter like a small tarp or poncho and line of some sort, or a rope, etc.

With the more posts I do and the better I get at writing, I’ll be much more specific with naming more of the brands that I use. I’m still relatively new to this online thing. Anyway, you’re here for information not silliness.

I keep this stuff with me in my Jeep everywhere I go. Yes, I keep my backpack hidden and out of sight in order to decrease the temptation for somebody to break in to my vehicle. I also park inside my garage, so it’s not out at night. Yes, I know we’re all going to have to carry this gear back home if something really really bad happens.

Concealed Carry Is Good Business

Ladies, I agree with you that there should be more options for you to delight in with your concealed carry wardrobe. I know that there is a vast, untapped market for the firearms industry to craft a clothing line, or a daring fashion design entrepreneur with the vision to disrupt current business and marketing trends.

Can you imagine a fashion show in Milan for the latest Concealed Carry line? Or somebody with the balls to walk the Red Carpet of the awards shows, armed to the teeth? Concealed, of course. And then go and write about the experience after the fact. Hey Propper? Could you guys fabricate a fashionable, functional Tactictical Tuxedo Concealed Carry line, or maybe a business suit with built in holsters that would compete with the best that Giorgio Armani has to offer?

That was some daydreaming right there. Sorry about that.

Concealed Carry Goes High Fashion

Very broadly we’ve gone from long shorts and tube socks, to driving while concealed, and even touched on high fashion. We included having a gun vault in your car, and asked a tactical gear manufacturer to beat the Italians!

So what other personal protection products can you think of that you might find to be useful in your every day carry bag or your night on the town? Leave a comment down below, if you like. Just keep in mind that everybody’s list will be a bit different. And the quirkier the better.

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  1. I’m a lady with a .38 and I’m interested in the line of clothing that a woman can wear for casual or a night on the town while carrying. I’m excited about this. Do you have more information regarding this. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Undertechundercover.com has some good lines you may want to explore. Thank you for asking.

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