I can’t figure out why my hands are sore today… it’s not Arthritis because I’m not that old or THAT old. What is it that I need to work more on? (not Moron) Even though I shot like one. I actually did better than I expected. I put the rounds on target, just not as tight a group as I would have liked. It’s been a minute since I’ve been to the range.


As always, safety was on everyone’s mind and we took the appropriate steps to ensure all that were shooting did so in a safe and comfortable manner. Everyone had ear plugs and eye protection, big floppy boonie hats and long sleeves for sun safety, along with gallons and gallons of water, Gatorade, and various other hydration products. Because it was HOT!! And sunny.


My grip is what needs work. It was a bit too loose yesterday and my target acquisition took longer than it should have during rapid fire drills. And the recoil banged up my left palm. Yes, I’m talking about a pistol. So don’t hate me because I’m beautiful… firearms are beautiful too when handled correctly and safely. And it’s not that hard to do when safe gun handling is a habit and a way of life. Teach them to your children and they will learn to be safe at a very early age.


Guns can be works of art and ultimately, are no different than any other machine or tool that one may have in their house, garage, or shed. I have three of them. Sheds in my backyard. My 14 year old son was playing a joke on me the other day when he said, “Hay. Dad.” And I said, “What?” And he pointed to the field… of baled hay rolls spread all throughout the ranch adjacent to our property. That was clever.


I don’t mind when my son plays jokes on me. I kind of like it. He has a good sense of humor and an interesting take on life at this early age. He enjoys shooting and has a good, healthy respect for what a gun can do. He’ll be the first to remind me, “Dad, I’m a little scared today. But watch how good I do!” I don’t have to remind him of the fundamentals any more. He knows. He does them well and is only getting better. As I get older, I’m confident that my generation will be in Good Hands. The Boys of today are the Men of Tomorrow. And maybe my hands won’t be as sore the next time I go shoot!

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  1. I enjoyed your comments. I totally agree that the boys of today are the men of tomorrow. They need to learn gun safety and we, as parents, must keep our guns in a secure affordable vault.

    • Thank you for your comments. I think we should try to shape the world-view of our young boys and continue to teach them how to be and become Men. The current culture is encouraging them to be women.

  2. You are clever to teach your son to have a healthy respect for guns at an early age. All gun owners should teach their children this as you hear of so many accidents especially children who find guns and don’t know that they are not toys. 

    We don’t have guns but instead we are going to get a pepper gun for our protection. We will have to instruct our daughter how to use it if she ever needs to. 

    • Hi Michel. Thank you for your input. I like pepper spray too. It can be just as effective in helping you get out of a “jam” because you are not completely defenseless. And, it gives the “opposing party” something else to think about as well. Just have her practice, practice, and practice some more with it. 

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