Why Be An Online Entrepreneur – 1 Thing Teens Want


Uh, I just created a new site from the Training Module In WealthyAffiliate.com That’s pretty cool to me, because, not even either one of my sons has done that yet! One is 10 and the other is 14.
Hehehhaha WA-HOO! Woo-Hoo! Howya like me now, teenagers! Ow! …I think I hurt myself doing the Happy Dance… ouch.


Nah, I’m good. I’ve hit that age, you know, where stuff starts to hurt for no real reason. My joints, my fingers, my hips. And I am getting kind of close to retirement. What am I going to do in the coming years to augment my Social Security? Should I just wait for President Trump to “fix” the system? Don’t make me laugh…  I have chosen to do something about it myself. Recently my elderly parents went back to work as School Crossing Guards because they needed some extra money even though it doesn’t pay very well. Granted, it’s not a lot of hours, either, but they enjoy it. They enjoy the children! I can’t wait to share Wealthy Affiliate with them This weekend in depth! They’re going to love it!


Working for a City is simply not appealing to me any more. So I’ve started exploring some of those Work-From-Home websites and Be-Your-Own-Boss sites. Guess what I learned? There is one that stands head and shoulders above all of the others because of, not just what they offer, but how they offer it.

You see, they don’t even require a credit card number or anything else before you sign up. I truly got to try it for FREE for a week! After three days, I jumped right in! I got so excited, I couldn’t wait. This was my blog post of the same name on how I felt about my new Adventure! I Jumped Right In was from June 2019 when I signed up for Premium. It has been well worth it for me. This website that you are looking now is a result of that Training Program. Yes, there is more that I can do, but right now, I’m happy with it. Please leave your thoughts down below in the Comments section on how you think I can make this sight better.


I forgot to mention the Training Program. It is a step by step, work at your own pace hand-holding process with Training Videos and How-To’s that are super clear to understand, because in the videos, the Training Boards are identical to your actual Dashboard! I was flipping tabs and pausing the video and doing what Kyle just did in the other Tab, and it was EXACTLY like he said it would be! That’s why it was so easy for me to follow. There are are benchmarks along the way that hold you accountable and reward you when you succeed in finishing a Module!


Just one man’s opinion, but I think this program should be taught in the Public Schools. I know that is a strong statement. I feel that strongly about it. From Web Hosting, to Domain Registration and links to all of your Social Media, I know that the Training Program is simple enough that even your awkward teenager who secretly wants to be an Internet Millionaire can make money if they complete all of the sections. Instead of getting a summer job that they might hate, they could talk about something that they really really love on all of their platforms that they already have, and make a couple of bucks. Then, of course, over time, they, too, will achieve Legendary status before they even graduate from high school! Can you imagine… What kid wouldn’t want to have their own business? I know this Big Kid (at heart) sure does.


Please comment down below your thoughts, feelings, or ideas on what I should do to improve the look of this post, or your feelings about working from home. They really do help. But most of all, check out Wealthy Affiliate. I’m happy I did!  I’ll put up another blog on how it works and more of what they offer. If you spot the penny you get a prize. Thanks for stopping by!

(no actual humans were hurt during the creation of this post.)


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